August 2, 2016





İLKadınlar” is a conference which invites women who are at the top of their fields in areas such as computing, sport or aeronautical. This event, which is in its first year, aims to celebrate women, show their power and provide the inspiration for women leaders.




Coding Sisters (BILWIC)

Bilwic (Bilkent Women in Computing) this year joined the Internet Society Union (ISOC) chapters marathon which is “Chapterthon”. Chapterthon is a global Internet Society (ISOC) Chapters marathon, where all ISOC Chapters can participate by developing a project within a timeline and budget to achieve a common goal for the development of education and the Internet.





Hour of Code

Hour of Code, which will be held during the Computer Science Education Week, aims to introduce the children to the basics of computer programming by using online tools.





CSector Breaks

“CSector Breaks”, which will be held during the lunch breaks, invites the professionals from different sectors related to computer science to give short speeches on different topics. This event offers the seniors lots of options to explore possibilities about where they want to go and gain knowledge about different sectors before graduation.





ACM-W Bilkent Student Chapter is the first and only in Turkey since 2006. This event aims to meet oher ACM-W Student Chapters from different countries. ACMeetings-W will be opportunity to network with international students in the computer science department and gain knowledge about this field in different countries.




“Meet the Grads” Night

This academic & social activity aims to bring undergraduates and recent graduates of Bilkent University Computer Science Department together. “Meet the Grads” Night will be an opportunity to network with recent graduates and gain knowledge about possible paths after graduation & offer helpful advice.




Ankara Celebration of Women in Computing (ACWiC)

The ACM Ankara Celebration of Women in Computing conference is an ACM Celebration Event that provides a conference for women in computing which is highly dedicated and has a wealthy content from other successful computer scientists.