Turkey’s First ACM Celebration of Women in Computing – Done!

ACM Ankara Celebration of Women in Computing was held at MEB Şura Hall on 11 and 12th of March. This was the first ever Celebration of Women in Computing event in Turkey. The question is, what makes it so big of a deal? Well, ACM (Association for Computing Machinery) is one of the biggest associations in the world for Computer Science studies, and their Celebration event has been done all over the over for more than 25 years. ACM and ACM-W, ACM’s branch for Women in Computing, they have student chapters other than us in a lot of other countries. But BiLWiC (Bilkent Women in Computing) is the only ACM-W student chapter in Turkey. So, we are the only ones that could organize a verified and approved Celebration event in the Turkey.

After the back story, I want to talk about how we prepared. We wanted to came up with at least 8 or 9 women in the world of computing. We made a list of at least 50 people that came to our mind an started to work. Tried to find a contact address, sent a lot of E-mails and finally found 9 very successful women from different sectors of computing.

Reyyan Ayfer – ACM-W Europe Chair

Aslı Arbel Microsoft Turkey, Corporate Communications Manager

Ayşe Tartan Özocak – Microsoft Turkey, Technical Account Manager

Nurcan Özyazıcı Sunay – Turkey Computing Association, Ankara Manager

Sezen Sungur Saral – reeder, Founding Partner

Gülşah Yılmaz – Google, Senior Analytical Consultant

Berrak Uyar Yenal – Intertech, Commercial and Corporate Credits Unit Manager

Elis Yılmaz – stajim.net, Founding Partner

Ceren Ünal – Internet Society Turkey, Founder and President


Also, we wanted to thank our sponsors for the event.

Main Sponsors: Microsoft and ACM

Media Sponsors: stajim.net, webTekno, Radyo Bilkent

Supportive Sponsor: Tepe Betopan

After sponsorship and speaker work was settled all we had to do was promotion. You can read about that from here.


Most importantly, we want to thank every single one of our guests for coming, hope you enjoyed… If you missed or you want to see our event again, we really hope to see all of you next year in our Celebration!


ACM Ankara Celebration of Women in Computing Organisation Team!